About Us

Taking a class from Kenpo Protection Systems in Paignton, is your chance to get into great shape, improve your health, flexibility and fitness whilst at the same time learning an explosive self protection skill that is current to today’s increasingly volatile urban environment. We are instructors of American Kenpo Karate, a practical, modern and devastating self-protection system that is tailored to you, no matter what your age, shape, previous experience or fitness level. Our Black Belt instructors are true experts in their field. Each have been training in the system for over 30 years. The system we teach is designed to overwhelm an attacker with rapid strikes. As you progress you will learn how to cope with increasingly dangerous situations. Multiple attackers, knives, chokes, locks even firearm defence is covered.

We realise that everyone has their own pace and method of learning, so matter what your age, fitness or ability you will be sure to receive a warm welcome and patient instruction in a fun and friendly environment. No matter if it is your first try or you are a returning old hand, we are sure that the most difficult part of joining our class will be taking your first step through the door!
We are so confident that you will enjoy our classes, that for new beginners we offer the first two sessions completely FREE!

What our classes can give you

Get Fit without the Gym and Learn How To Be Your own Bodyguard!

Who says getting into the best shape of your life has to be tedious? Here at Kenpo Protection Systems (KPS) in Paignton, we believe that you have plenty of potential; you just need the key to unlock it. Fighting arts training is that key. Our training will not only set you on the path to great fitness, but will also teach you practical self-defence skills that could someday save your life. What’s the best part? You get to have fun, too!


Adults & Teens Only Martial Arts

If you’ve been thinking that martial arts are for kids who need to learn some discipline, it’s time to reconsider. We offer martial arts training to men and women of all ages and every experience level. We want to help you succeed at your goals of getting in shape and learning a real skill. Everyone can benefit from training and the skills and confidence that go hand-in-hand as you learn. Our Paignton classes are fun and offer plenty of excitement and challenges to build and develop your skills.

Our classes include:

  1. Warm-ups and cool downs featuring stretching and conditioning to prevent injury and improve your flexibility
  2. A complete full-body workout that incorporates both aerobic and anaerobic training
  3. Real-world, urban self-defence training that will help you build confidence
  4. Fun and excitement as you make friends and work with your instructors 

Martial Arts Training: It’s Popular For a Reason

Have you ever wondered why the martial arts play such a huge part in our popular culture? Respect is earned, and people are more inclined to respect someone who radiates discipline and self-confidence. These are just two of the powerful benefits of martial arts training. People will notice the positive changes in you as your strength and skill increase. What’s more important? You will notice the changes in yourself. Perhaps the best gift you will ever give yourself is the knowledge that you succeeded and the self-respect that goes hand-in-hand with that kind of success. Our curriculum at KPS is geared toward helping you develop skills you may have previously only dreamed of:

  1. Learn to protect your family and loved ones with valuable, real world self-defence skills in our Kenpo Karate program.
  2. Rapid Striking skills could mean the difference between life and death in a dangerous situation. Learn these powerful moves with our system.
  3. Learn Kenpo Karate “no rules” street fighting techniques to protect yourself and your family.

Today’s your day. Give us a call at 07561 400565, and ask for your trial lesson so you can see for yourself everything we have to offer.

We WILL help you reach your potential

The instructors have over 100 years’ experience between them and their goal is your success. They have passion and drive and can teach you martial arts skills while ensuring your safety and helping you to avoid injuries. What can you expect to get out of our program? You will develop self-discipline, self-respect, self-esteem and a desire to be your very best in every aspect of your life. We are ready to help you achieve each and every one of your goals. Call now to take advantage of our trial lesson offer. 

Kenpo Protection Systems - Be your own Bodyguard

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Your Instructors

Paul Jackson (PJ)

2nd Degree Black Belt. Head Instructor

PJ has been involved in the martial arts and fitness arena for over 30 years. He has cross trained in Taekwondo, Judo and traditional Karate. In 2014 he established Kenpo Protection Systems and the highly successful “Be Your Own Bodyguard Program” in Paignton.
Paul is Security Industry Authority (SIA) accredited, fully CRB checked and a qualified First Aider.

Jon Hill

5th Degree Kenpo Black Belt,
1st Degree Rapid Arnis Black Belt

Jon is a 5th Degree Kenpo Karate Black Belt and our resident ‘Dirty Boxing’ and weapons expert. Specialising in blades, sticks and open hand combat, Jon is regarded as one of the best self defence experts in the area. Jon refines the skills of the advanced students to ensure that they fulfil their true potential.


Paul Brookman

1st Degree Kenpo Black Belt

Paul, has been a mainstay for Kenpo Karate in Torbay for over 30 years. A true perfectionist, Paul is our freestyle fighting specialist with very powerful technique and exceptional accuracy. This guy will make sure you build a strong foundation in the fighting arts.

Kenpo Self Protection Systems - Be your own Bodyguard

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Our classes are held at St George Church Hall, Waterside, Paignton located on the Dartmouth Road just outside the town centre.

The hall is easily accessible by car and bus.

There is ample free car parking to the front of the hall.

Adult Beginners to Advanced Wednesday Evenings 7:30 till 9pm

Kenpo Self Protection Systems - Be your own Bodyguard

Join today - First 2 sessions FREE!