Kenpo chain reaction

My horrendously long drive up to London today gave me time to mull over last nights session and got me thinking about about the many principles that we employ in our training. To really understand principles we need to see how they apply to our basics. As you may have realised most of your yellow and orange belt techniques begin with a step back. This is also true for your initial forms, but have you ever stopped to think why?

This is the most natural response for a beginner. But why? The question here is what do we want to accomplish with this motion?

Let’s take a technique against a forward attack. It could be a punch, kick, push etc. the first response is to step back. When we step back, the obvious reason is to create distance from the attack and thus more time. Distance is your friend! What else we accomplished was a stronger base which, in turn, provided us with more balance. Also, because we turned our body as we moved back, we minimised the target area for our opponent. Now, this is just simply stepping back, but how about if we add a block?

Like all kenpo movements, a simple block is multifunctional. By blocking at the beginning of, or while stepping back, rather than after, we automatically counterbalance our momentum. This means we are more ready to retaliate. By blocking we cause a reaction in our opponent that will suit our purpose. By stepping back with the block we also begin to control our attacker by disrupting timing and balance.

If you have a moment I would advise you to look at the movements that are becoming natural to you. Every aspect of Kenpo involves a chain reaction. All theories and principles are inter related, and if you were to just work on one segment of Kenpo you would in turn strengthen your all round ability.

For example, correct posture would help balance. Confident balance helps you relax. Relaxation increases speed…….etc …..etc……etc

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