The Colour Code of Combat

I had the privilege of meeting Mr Parker at a seminar in Exeter back in the 80’s. When asked about the rules of street fighting he gave the following quote which will always stay with me.

“The rules of street fighting are as follows, never hit anyone below the soles of their feet and never kick a woman in the testicles”

That’s the truth troops, there are no rules. Do what you have to do to survive and get home.

The Colour Code of Combat is not a difficult concept to understand but one that is sometimes over looked in our everyday lives. Have a think about the stages below and next time you meditate before starting class put your mind in the correct state to react. I hope that it helps. PJ

WHITE – Is the state of Unawareness; This is La-La land. Do not spend one moment of your life in this state. You may be awake, but not aware, and remember that Mother Nature is not kind to Unaware creatures. In class do not train with a Victim Mentality.

YELLOW– Is a state of Awareness; You can maintain this state indefinitely. Live it; breath it; bow in and out of your training area in it; train in it. From your first day in the Art you are in the process of becoming more aware of what your spirit, body, and mind are doing, and of what you want them to do. Mastery is a process. It is the process of renewal. You continually seek to experience new levels of awareness. That is what the excitement is all about.

ORANGE – Is when you are aware that something is out of place. Perhaps it’s the aggressive person gobbing off at the bar, or outside the take away. He is shooting his mouth off but not yet getting physical. You are highly alert and should take positive action to avoid a difficult situation. Get away from the danger before it kicks off.

RED – This is it! You are having to Fight. Gouge, Bite, Scratch do whatever to Survive! You CANNOT be NICE.

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