Observations on sparring


As you progress and fight often, you are going to get really good at sparring, especially when you are fighting people that are better than you. It won’t be long when you can dominate fights against other beginners because of your experience in fighting good fighters.

Here are a few tips from my side of the mat that will help you along:
(1) the weakest area of Kenpoists (generally speaking) is their kicks. So work on delivering fast and effective kicks when putting your combinations together.

(2) commit to hitting; don’t be hesitant when you strike. If you are in a points scoring competition make sure that your strikes are clean.

(3) don’t just use your lead leg and lead hand like so many do (e.g. use your reverse punch)

(4) take a zone of sanctuary when your opponent attacks (Get out of the way, use your angles)

(5) don’t look at the target you are trying to hit. Your opponent will know what you are intending to do

(6) shadow-box at home. Just relax and let it flow!

(7) keep your guard up

(8) keep light on your feet

(9) use your jab to find your target

(10) be patient and you WILL see results!